Learn How To Read Sheet Music

So you've want to learn to play the piano, but you do not know how to read music...

If want to significantly improve your skills on the piano, then you'll need to understand and learn how to read music. This will open up a whole new world of playing the piano.

While sheet music can be pretty intimidating it is necessary and worthwhile learning how to read the notes and information on the music sheets. Learning to read it will allow you to play music scores, understand musical terms, develop your piano skills, and become acquainted with many different music styles.

It is very helpful to think of music as a new language. You can learn to speak English without knowing how to read, but communication skills and developing your vocabulary will be impeded.

The same is true for music. Learning to read sheet music will make it much easier to learn specific musical pieces and practicing all the different playing techniques.

Here is the "Piano For All" Course that I highly recommend to help you get started with learning music and playing the piano.

In general, learning to read music will never have a negative effect on your ability to play the piano. Instead, it will open many new musical doors and help you to better develop your skills.

With a relatively small investment of time you can learn to read music. It will repay you many times over by making you a better pianist and better overall musician.

The best step you can take to help you learn to read music is following the simple "Piano For All" course.

Two Rules For Learning To Read Music And Developing Your Playing Skills:

1. Always KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SHEET MUSIC!!! (Do not look at your hands and the keys)

2. Always COUNT OUT LOUD!!! (Do not count "in your head")

Following these rules will guide you in learning how to read music successfully with practice. You will never be a good music reader if you do not follow these rules.